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Nothing should ever be this fun.

It's a face transformer thing XD Put in face-front pics and...distort them! And, for your viewing pleasure, here's poor ol' me subjected to the humiliation of it all.

This was the original photo I used for the purpose. I know the lighting's weird, but hell, it's the best I've got. XD On with the show!

Baby me. Holy crap, I'm a freaky baby o.O I look like the Gerber baby, only drugged out beyond all hope XD XD

East-Asian me. This terrifies me because I look exactly like a friend of mine this way. XD And you know...I don't look half bad, either. I dig the plumper lips, anyhow XD

IT'S A MAN, BABY! XDDDD Sad part is, I look a lot like my brother in this one. So, for anyone interested, this is vaguely what Ryan would look like in glasses and makeup XD XD XD

I don't ever want to grow up. ;________;

And now, for the coup de grace...


I would have posted a few others, but the lighting got weird on them. Apparently, if I was to be black, I'd be BLACK. XD XD

In other news, my online courses start Monday. God help me. o.O Just got the books today, and the College Algebra one already makes my head go splode ;_; The English one's pretty straightforward; I'll be fine there. And Music History...I really like the book on this one. It's having more -fun- with it than the required book at ASC did...that one was just so damned scholarly with everything, it was difficult to read. This one should be good. ^^

Hm...Paper Mario is calling, I do believe. :D Until my next update!

Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave...
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