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My leather jacket got stolen out of the lobby yesterday, and it had not only my credit card, debit card, and driver's license in it, but my CAR KEYS as well. I just had to get my poor Wookie towed so no one would steal him. ;o;

But all's not lost, really. I got a bit of a lecture from my dad, but they don't seem pissed. I called ahead and got the cards cancelled, and quick enough that they'll send replacements free of charge. I'll go to the Alamosa DMV tomorrow and get a new license. My parents are getting me a spare set of car keys and sending them to me, so when they show up, I'll go get my Wookie back, take him up to the Springs, and get him re-keyed so the keys that were stolen won't work.

I'm bitter about that jacket, though. I got it for Christmas. I loved that jacket. ;_;

It's my own damn fault for being so careless...I really thought I had brought it into the room with me when I went to bed, but apparently not...I'd been so good about keeping my things with me lately, too. >.> One slip-up's all it really takes, though. Hmph. If I see any girl wearing that jacket around here, I'll jump her and beat her down for it. I have express permission from my parents to do so. XD

Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave...
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